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Vibrational frequency maps for nucleobases by Wang group 2019-09-19
CO stretch mode of methyl acetate from Zhuang group 2019-09-17
Amide I mode frequency map by Bour and Keiderling is uploaded 2019-08-29
Quantum Chemistry Package for Vibrational Solvatochromism Theory 2019-07-18
Amide I vibration map from Tokmakoff group 2019-06-24
SO stretch vibration of DMSO from Baiz group 2019-06-24
Computational code for calculating 2DIR spectrum developed by Jansen 2019-06-06
OH stretch vibration of HOD by Mukamel group is uploaded. 2019-05-21
CO stretch mode of DEC and PC 2019-05-21
Newly updated vibrational frequency map on Amide I mode, which was 2019-05-11