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Title Computational code for calculating 2DIR spectrum developed by Jansen
Date 2019-06-06 Attachment
A quantum classical package for calculating coherent multidimensional spectra (as FTIR, 2DIR, 2DES, F-2DES) is available from github: 

Description: The NISE code was developed by Thomas la Cour Jansen. Please, cite the appropriate references [1–5] when publishing work using this code. The code allows the calculation of the linear absorption, linear dichroism, sum-frequency generation, two-dimensional spectra (IR,UVvis, and SFG), population transfer, exciton diffusion and integrated anisotropy using the full nonadiabatic semi-classical numerical integration of the Schrödinger equation approach [2] and the sparse matrix optimization approach [4]. The code allows treating spectra of diverse systems involving intra- and intermolecular energy transfer [1,3,6–8], non-Gaussian dynamics [9, 10], surfaces [5], and chemical exchange [11]. This manual is not intended as an introduction to two-dimensional spectroscopy. The user is directed to the references including recent reviews [2,12–15] and books for more information [16–18]. The code use wavenumbers for frequencies and times are femtoseconds. The transition dipoles and transition polarizabilities may be given in any desired units. This version has OpenMP implementation for parallel use for all 2D methods. Feedback on the program and the manual are welcome via e-mail: Change in the code is allowed, but on their own risk, and should be reported clearly in publications. Redistribution of the code must happen in accordance with the license.

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